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Kate Riquier

Kate Riquier

Columbia, CT

Sales Leader

Rubber Brush
Rubber Brush
Item#: 357010

Rubber Brush

Easily cleans Mop Pads, Entry Mats and EnviroWand®; just brush debris into the trash after use. It also quickly removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, car seats, furniture and carpeted stairs.
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16 cm x 5 cm / 6.3" x 1.97"
  • Problem & Solution

    The vacuum cleaner is too cumbersome for some jobs. Messing with the attachments for the stairs or the sofa cushions takes a lot of time and it’s a hassle—not to mention the electricity you’re using. And sometimes you just need something smaller to remove stuck-on dirt and dust from your Entry Mat or Mop Pads.

    Save time, electricity and effort by using the Rubber Brush for small, spot-cleaning jobs. It’s great for picking up pet hair, dust, dried-on  dirt and other debris from carpet, clothes, furniture, car upholstery and more. 

  • Use & Care
    • Using short strokes, brush fabric or Mop Pad in the direction of the grain of the material. Continue to brush from one end to the other, moving all dust and hair toward the edge of the material or Mop Pad.
    • Brush the debris into a trashcan. For Mop Pads, brush material against the grain to lift fibers and re-brush if necessary.
    • Can be washed under running water after use. 
  • Features & Benefits
    • Flexible bristles get into hard-to-reach places.
    • Handle is ergonomic and has comfortable grip.
    • Sized perfectly for many jobs—no need to drag out the vacuum cleaner.
    • Simple to use.
    • Great companion for Norwex Dry Mop Pads.
    • Fast and easy for whisking away debris from car seats, carpeted stairs, upholstered furniture and more.
    • Earth-friendly solution for picking up pet hair, lint, dust, crumbs and other debris.
    • Great for quick spot cleaning.
    • Molded finger-holds on handle give you the grip you need to remove deep-down, embedded debris in carpet.
  • Did You Know?
    • Rubber is naturally flexible, tough and impermeable.
    • Some people use the Rubber Brush to brush their cats and dogs.
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